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    New Style Defined But Not Applying

    JAL3 Level 1

      I just upgraded from Pagemaker 7 to ID CS5.5. I am running WIn 7 Pro.


      I have created a new paragraph style based upon another paragraph style for use within a table. I have applied the new style to the text within the table but the text still apears in the old style although the Paragraph Styles panel shows that the new style is applied. THere is no "+" sign indicating an overide.


      From the Control panel, I can apply local overides to get "semibold italic" applied. When I do that, the plus sign appears. When I check the style definintions, demibold italic is selected but it does not show up.


      I have tried messing with cell options, table options, defining a new style from scratch and other things as well but it seems that there is a divine command that all text in my table must be bold and no force on earth will let me change it globally.


      I am at my wit's end.



      Thank you for any help you can provide.




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Is there a character style in play?

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            JAL3 Level 1

            Not in this case. I have defined a few character styles but have used them sparingly. None have been applied to any element of the table.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Are you sure? did you actually highlight the text and check? They might be part of a Cell Style.


              Also possible they're applied as Line Styles, Nested Styles, or GREP Styles in the paragraph style definition.

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                JAL3 Level 1

                I have not yet begun to play with nesting, GREP etc. but I have something strange to report.


                I just opened the file in question for the first time since closing it yesterday in frustration. It opened up and everything appeared just the way it was supposed to. I clicked in the text and the Paragraph Styles panel highlighted the style in question. That is the same as yesterday. What is different is that it is showing up in the table as I had defined it and want it.


                Yesterday, the only way the semibold italic would actually show up was when I overrided with the control panel.


                I'm confused and miss my PM 7!


                I did not like ID 1. It did a lousy job of importing PM documents and I was used to PM. It did what I needed for a long time. Sadly for me, it is problematical on Win7. So were several of my other legacy applications so upgraded to CS5.5 ultimate suite.


                I must admit I am impressed with ID CS5.5. It looks like a magnificent leap forward. The learning curve has not been as bad as I had feared. Every now and then, though, I am hitting these myterious glitches. I'm sure I'm doing something incorrectly but I cannot figure out what... then the problem miraculously resolves itself when I do nothing.


                I really am confused and do not understand why.