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    Paths and Arrows

    Roy E

      Background: I am update a book for a second edition. In the first edition I created maps, showed routes of travel with paths and was able to use small arrows. These arrows were part of a drop down palete on the right hand side of the "tool bar." I chose the arrows I wanted and drew the path -- or drew the path and added the arrows with a click.


      Now I cannot even locate or get access to the palete I used, and using the regular arrow palete is unsatisfactory as with different segments of a route the individual arrows change significantly -- no eye appeal, even confusion.


      I am using an iMac, OS 10.5, and my Adobe Illustrator is 15.0.2


      Question: Where can I find/locate the palete I original used? It use to come up when I started a parth


      Thank you,