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    RAID controller or External Thunderbolt Drives

    Chase Chick Level 1

      I was wanting to get everyone's opinion on something I was trying to compare.  Of course I'm well aware of the achievements of Haarm's Monster, but I was looking (just looking) at Apple's Mac Pro and they are offering external Thunderbolt 2 storage as their solution to large storage.


      Which got me thinking:


      Upon adding to my current build, do you guys think it would be better to add a thunderbolt 2 card and then a thunderbolt 2 storage solution, or just keep adding hard drives and a RAID controller card?


      Thanks in advance for any responses.



      (Here's my current build if anyone's interested)

      Haswell 4770

      MSI Nvidia 760 with 4gb RAM

      32gb RAM @ 1866

      120gb EVO: OS, page, Programs

      240gb PNY SSD: Scratch, cache, temp

      1tb HDD: source files

      1tb HDD: project files

      1tb HDD: export files

      1.5tb ext HDD: backup