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    AE CC not recognizing 680M with latest CUDA driver

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      I have tracked this problem with different versions of everything but can't seem to zero in on a cause. This problem seems to randomly occur when I start up After Effects with other apps already running. I haven't isolated every scenario because sometimes it works, other times it doesn't, and still other times I don't need ray-tracing anyway.

      cuda probs.jpg


      If I then go about clicking things off and re booting, etc, it will eventually work. This past time I started AE after I already had Photoshop and Premiere Pro running. Safari, Outlook, Power Point, a couple of Finder windows and VLC player were also running. After I closed everything and then started AE first, it recognized my CUDA drivers and card.


      gpu yes.jpg


      Then I re opened everything I had open before ... loaded them full of content, went about the business of editing, ray-tracing, rendering, etc. with no issues.


      I guess I should be happy with a solution that depends on the order in which I open applications and I am certainly glad there seems to be a work around (albeit a workflow stopper)But I am the kind of person who really likes to know how things work technically. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Are there settings in my other apps that are blocking AE's ability to recognize CUDA? A conflict with VLC player?


      With a relatively new iMac, gobs of RAM (some say is way more than needed), a fancy subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud with timely updates, I'd like to get into that comfort zone where everything just works.


      I am very pleased with my set up and enjoy working with these tools. I am a recent convert from PC to MAC and had a much greater understanding of things technical over there and would sure appreciate any new knowledge that comes my way.


      Thanks to all who spend the time to help out those of us who come racing to these forums when trouble strikes.