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    not able to transfer ebook from library to nook


      I am not able to transfer a borrowed book from library to Nook simple touch-

      Errors were detected

      the following items could not be copied to your device.

      A Tale of Two Subs CE-COPY-NOT-ALLOWED - No permission to copy the book.

      I can read the book on the PC but it will not transfer to the Nook simple touch.

      I followed the directions in the help guides.

      have tried deleting and returning and re-borrow.

      Only can read on PC.

      I am no sure if I need to load any other software for the Nook to read.

      According to the guides it should just transfer to the Nook.

      I hooked up Nook to PC opened ADE and tried to do the copy to Computer/device (and selected [Nook].

      Please let me know if I forgot to activate something - or missing a piece of software.