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    Altering static content when loading external swf files.

      OK, so Im working on a project and am going to have animations that transition between pages.. Like this www.ashevillebrewing.com/test ..

      I usually have a master.swf that calls the rest of the pages including a static.swf that holds all the things that do not change throughout the site..

      When the master.swf is loaded, it calls the first page (home.swf) and the static.swf. on the other pages there are elements that are in different positions than they are on the home page..

      What I want is to be able to animate these items into thier new location while the other pages are being viewed, but then animate them back to their original position when you go back to the home page..

      The pages in the example site transition pretty much the way I want, but say I wanted to animate the logo to a different spot on the stage during one page and have it return to its original spot when the visitor leaves that page and returns to the home page?

      All ideas welcome, thank you in advance..