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    Extension Manager CS6 won't install an extension, Photoshop Version incorrect.

    nauticalmac Level 1

      (Couldn't find a CS6 Extension Manager Forum, tried the Photoshop CS6 forum without success)


      Trying to install an extension (flaticon) in Photoshop CS6 13.0.6 using Extension Manager CS6 I get a popup window:

      "This extension cannot be installed, it requires Photoshop version in range of inclusively between 12.0 and 14.9"

      Since my version of Photoshop is 13.0.6, well between 12.0 and 14.9, what is going on?


      I've tried the usual, reinstalling the extension manager, checking for other versions of Photoshop on my system to no avail. Why does the Extension Manager think my Photoshop CS6 installation is out of range? I have no problem with my laptop running the same versions.

      Operating system OS X 10.8.5