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    Changed to special price plan, now Photoshop "stop working in ## days" message?


      Hello All:


      I changed from a $29 a month Creative Cloud plan (Photoshop CC) to the "special CC deal" at $9.99 a month for a year. (The $9.99 deal is for Photoshop CC *and* Lightroom CC. I have not downloaded LIghtroom yes.)


      The orginal account was cancelled by Adobe support, I downloaded the update and supposedly all was well.


      I got a message (1) that my payment method needed to be changed and (2) stating that Photoshop will stop working in 5 days (now 4 days). 


      My bank says the payment has cleared on 3/14/2014 for $10.81.


      What do I need to do so that I don't lose access to Photoshop? I am a professional photographer and have work to finish.


      Thanks in advance!!!