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    premier elements 12


      PE-12 Crashed and unresponsive, is installed on imac OS X 10.9.2 mid 2011

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          Can you please provide more information?


          1. What is your Project's Setting?
          2. What are the details of the video files that you are using?
          3. What are you doing, when PrE crashes?


          Thanks, and good luck,



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            ME123 Level 1

            General: Editing Mode DSLR

                           timebase: 23.976 frames/second


            Video:     frame size 1920    Horizontal 1080 Vertical    

                           Squuare Pixels (1.0)

                           No Fields

                           Display Format : 24fps timecode

                           Title safe area  20 % Horizontal          20% Vertical

                           Action Safe area 10 % Horizontal          10% Vertical


            I Working on this project's before on premier elements 10.


            When star editing i have to save every 2min and when i finish and trasfer to dvd the program shutdown.