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    CS4 cannot parse .png files


      I just installed Photoshop cs4 on my new laptop, a Lenovo Y510p, and it refuses to open any and all .png files. The files themselves are not corrupt, because they'll open everywhere else, including Adobe Fireworks, but they will not open in photoshop. I checked to make sure the png plugin was present, and it is, and I tried to resave images in fireworks and in paint as png files and they still will not open in PS. I even tried creating a new png file in PS and once I close it photoshop will not open it again. So does anyone know how to fix this?


      I read on other forums that sometimes anti-virus programs can interfere, does anyone know if Windows Defender does? Also, I read there's a posibility that the png plugin is corrupted, or it may not have installed correctly, but I cannot find anywhere to download the plugin to try and correct it if that's the case.