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    Increase font size but not line height?

    Stephen Lippert Level 1

      I’m writing a book with CS4. I want to use a different and much larger font for a word or phrase in a sentence without changing the height of the whole line.

         At first, I hand-painted each letter in Illustrator and then pasted the panted word into the sentence in InDesign. The overly large size word/color did stand out, making the kind of emphasis I want. It works well, but is quite labor intensive!

        As an alternative, I found a great font, but as I increase the size of the word/phrase, the height of the whole line increases too. I DON'T want that.

         See the example below. I want to further increase the height of the word “USE” but have the height of the whole line unchanged.


      USE everything you saw and heard from mom, grandma, and me.


      Can this be done in a single text frame? Do I have to use a seperate layer? Other options?

      Many thanks for your ideas!