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    Why is the user agreement for Flash Player in Arabic? Most of us can't read Arabic.


      While awaiting the latest install of Flash Player, I decided to check out the user agreement:


      • It opens showing a page in Arabic
      • It is 304 pages long
      • There is no obvious link to a table of contents
      • There is no question asking what language is preferred


      I wonder whether or not this is so incompetently done that a reasonable jury would find that no user could be reasonably expected to have read or agreed to anything.


      //The link goes to page 1 of the 304 page "Personal Computer Software License Agreement", which is in Arabic. After I had worked with it and found the table of languages, the next time I opened the document, it went to the last page I had open-- page 87, which is in English (United States).  I do not ask for it to detect my language, merely offer me a choice.