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    PC locks up on starting CC apps

    gp7024 Level 1

      First noticed with Bridge CC now also with Photoshop CC

      Appears to be scanning my disk.

      About 30secs after starting Bridge, disk transfer light comes on continuous and PC then responds very slow.

      Lasts about 4 minutes, thereafter PC operates normally.

      No messages from Bridge during or after this scan.

      Can find find no setting in preferences that controls this.

      Purge of cache and camera raw cache have no effect.

      Appears to be a Creative Cloud issue as this does not occur with CS6 version of Bridge.


      I regard this as an extreemly serious fault as it renders my system unusable.

      If no fix is forthcoming I will terminate my CC membership.


      PC is running 64bit windows7.

      Have just Photoshop and bridge installed via CC.

      Lightroom does not show the symtom and was installed before joining CC.

      Do not use Behance or store any files on-line.