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    Switching from Flash

    RobE Level 1

      I recently starting looking at Adobe CC and found that the Flash content I was using on a site I created 7 years ago is no longer popular.

      This is fine by me because Flash doesn't work on my iPhone or iPad anyway.

      What I need help with is finding a way to create similar interactive content that I was able to do in Captivate and get that into the site so it can be used on Smart devices as well.


      To give you an idea of what I'm doing, please check the link below and the content that was created in Captivate then saved as an SWF file to be used in my website:




      In this example you can click on the colored areas and go through the setup of this device, if you don't click on anything it just sits there waiting for input which is what I want.


      Is there a similar program that is included in CC that I can use to do this with no or a very limited amount of coding?