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    How to Add Media to a Custom Frame That Preserves to Interactive PDF


      What I'm doing/trying to do:


      I have a custom object that I want to use as a frame in which the video would be placed. The object is a somewhat rectangular frame that I've custom made to fit over a portion of my background image.


      Adobe InDesign interactive pdf exports don't play any html embed codings I add (even after making sure the http:// is present) nor does the InDesign accept any of the video from URL links I put in from YouTube or Vimeo using the Add Media function. Therefore I tried using the actual media file and uploading it to my Adobe Indesign file. However, the video won't play or appear in my custom frame when I export it, but the video file will play when I plop it in without a frame. Before exporting I get the message: :




      A) What urls will Adobe Indesign ACTUALLY accept since all the ones I've used so far don't work?

      B) How do I add a video file to a custom frame that fits appropriately into the frame?

      C) How do I get URL based media to work in interactive pdfs?

      D) If I can't do what I'm trying to do as an interactive pdf what file should I be saving it as so that I can make it work?


      I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance for the help!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have never yet heard of anyone who has successfully played a YouTube or Vimeo streaming video from an interactive PDF. You could search for some kind of a third party utility that claims to convert that to a video format. You should aim to create an MP4 file, preferably with H.264 encoding. I've also never read the description of someone who has done such a conversion, though it is theoretically possible.


          You will be unsuccessful in masking a video to play in a non-rectangular frame because in a PDF, the interactivity also is display above anything else on the page.