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    Photoshop crashes on AMD, easily reproducable

    Erik Rufelt



      Latest Photoshop crashes frequently on an AMD R9 290 graphics card. Tested with all drivers from AMD that supports the card (WHQL drivers, + tested Betas just in case but with same results).

      First problem is that Photoshop can't use GPU acceleration, but I'm OK with that, I can live without it as long as it doesn't crash.


      Steps to reproduce:

      Create a new image

      Press 'V' to select move tool

      Press 'Z' to select zoom tool

      Photoshop crashes before the zoom tool is selected


      It appears to crash with any tool that is selected after Move.. but I haven't tested all of them.

      It seems OK as long as the move-tool is never selected or used, and if I never use the move tool I can work on an image without crashes. Unfortunately it's too important a tool to work without it..


      The crash is not new for the latest Photoshop version but was there on at least the last couple of versions.



      Attaching a debugger shows a crash in the AMD driver through aif_ogl.dll.

      Why it would call there when GPU acceleration is disabled I cannot fathom, but I digress.

      I deleted aif_ogl.dll to see if it resolved the problem.

      It did not and it now crashes in kernel.dll, on first call after Photoshop.exe.


      Switching the primary graphics card to another card with a different driver solves the problem (and also enables GPU acceleration, though whether that is related I cannot say).



      Searching the web I find that many people have the exact same problem. This is unfortunate. Perhaps a future AMD driver will magically solve the problem, but Photoshop should at the very least work with GPU acceleration disabled.

      The problem has existed for at least a couple of months.





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          Curt Y Level 7

          What driver are you using?  Have you tried Basic setting in preferences/performance?


          Only maker can solve driver problem.  Have you contacted them and say driver crashes PS?

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            Erik Rufelt Level 1

            Latest WHQL driver from AMD.com. Also tried deleting the driver and reinstalling a later Beta driver, without any difference.

            I can not check Basic, as Photoshop doesn't detect the GPU at all so the GPU acceleration box and its settings dialog are grayed out.


            The bad part is the crash. I understand that it's impossible to support every new driver and graphics card, and my problem is only with the crashes, which occur even though GPU acceleration is disabled.


            I can use Photoshop for quite a while without problems until I select the Move tool. Selecting the Move tool with an image open always leads to a crash when selecting another tool after it. This happens no matter if Photoshop was just started and I created a new empty image or if it's been open and used for other things for a long time.

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              Curt Y Level 7

              If PS does not recognize your gpu you should have been in contact with AMD immediately.  It is a premium priced card and should work.  Has nothing to do with PS reading it.


              In effect you are operating without a gpu.

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                Thats really strange that your 290 isn't recongnized but my 270 is. Drivers shouldn't be the issue here as my card uses the same drivers as yours and I can select GPU acceleration.

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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  The driver has to be  tailored to work with each card.  Perhaps enough differents exist that the 290 driver does not work with PS the same way as 270.

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                    Erik Rufelt Level 1

                    Yes naturally. The problem is that Photoshop crashes, I'm fully OK with it not using GPU acceleration.If GPU acceleration is disabled it shouldn't crash.


                    Especially a crash such as this that is easily reproducible and happens in a very specific circumstance of selecting a particular tool should be easily patched.


                    This might of course be overridden if Photoshop has some acceleration as a requirement and that this particular driver crashes under correct usage by Photoshop. The way that it crashes however it quite strange and specific enough that I feel it warrants an investigation in Photoshop. (Crashes in another place under the same circumstance if OpenGL support is removed).


                    I find threads about this exact crashon AMD's forums from the last couple of weeks, but no replies or acknowledgements (which AMD never seems to give on their forums).

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                      Curt Y Level 7

                      Have you looked at crash log?  Open Event Viewer and see if you can find "Faulting Module" 

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                        Erik Rufelt Level 1

                        Faulting application name: Photoshop.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x52f4a9f2

                        Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.18229, time stamp: 0x51fb1677


                        It can also crash in the AMD driver.


                        I don't know if this is a case where the Photoshop system requirements are not met by the AMD driver, and it's not something I think is easily determinable for anyone except the developers that can run Photoshop in a debugger and see with what parameters execution leaves Photoshop application code.

                        It seems like a possible bug so that's why I'm reporting it. If the developers can reproduce it they should be able to determine quite easily where the fault lies.

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                          Curt Y Level 7

                          For the 3 time.  It is not a PS problem.  Have you contacted AMD for a solution to the problem? 


                          KERNELBASE.dll crashes are usually from drivers.  Video card, scanner, printer, camera, etc.  Which brings it back to the gpu.

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                            Erik Rufelt Level 1

                            Yes naturally, as stated. I have also submitted their bug report form.


                            An attached debugger shows a call-log of Photoshop.exe until it reaches kernelbase.dll in this case.

                            Which, again, is why I report it as only a Photoshop developer with the appropriate debug symbols can really say if they are doing something wrong or if the AMD driver fails to meet the system requirements.


                            If you are a Photoshop programmer I apologize if I seem to be telling you your job. I simply feel a crash in such a specific circumstance warrants an investigation on the application level. If that has been done then I'll hope for AMD to do their job sooner or later (internet reports indicate this crash has been around since November).

                            I wish I could pick up the phone and call AMD's driver developers, but I don't have their number.

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                              Erik Rufelt Level 1

                              In case anyone finds this in a search, the issue no longer appears in Photoshop CC 2014.

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                                Daxwise Level 1

                                In Photoshop CC 2015.1.2 (20160113r) it's a menace.

                                But I'm running an AMD A8-7100 and a Radeon R7 M265 on a laptop. A little weaker than your setup, but still it shouldn't crash the display drivers. Unfortunately the only error message I get is the display drivers has crashed and sometimes they even reset themselves, but I still have to restart to be able to work with PS again if I want to avoid instant crashes. A restart at least gives me a few minutes - usually.