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    TextInput Events - Which to use?

      I would like to know on the TextInput component what are the proper events to handle when the user leaves the TextInput component.

      If the the user exits the component, is there an OnExit event?

      I am confused and cannot find a good declarative source for the events and usuage for TextInput and ComboBox. I also cannot seem to get the change() event to work on a combobox if we programmatically set the combobox value from a lookup.


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          inlineblue Level 1
          For the TextInput, you want to use the focusOut event. The help in Flex Builder details all these events.

          The change event for any component is fired only on user interaction, not programmatic changes. If you want an event for programmatic changes as well, try the valueCommit event. However, note that the event handler cannot change the value of the component or it'll cause infinite recursion.