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    Why placed object frame moves without content

    Cyndee M Level 1

      I've been using ID CC for a few months (previously used ID 5) and have been having a problem moving a placed image. I'm sure I'm missing some knowledge of something that changed with the upgrade path, but can't figure out what.


      It used to be that I'd place the object (with black selection tool selected), then I'd click on it and drag it to where I want it. Now, most of the time, I do that and only the frame moved without the content. After a number of attempts, I seem to manage to grab it the right way (but I don't know what that it is) and finally get the whole thing to move properly.


      Shouldn't I just need to click on it (with black selection tool) and drag to the right place? Is it necessary to click on a certain place of the image (doesn't seem to be) or something else I'm missing?