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    After Effects Rendering stops is away from PC



      I'm having a lot of troubles with a relative simple project, I have five h.264 1080p 5d MKii files i've mounted on premiere timeline 1280*720 25p (totally 4 minutes) after that i've sent to After Effects via dynamic link, and done some simple lumakeying, i realized a fake studio with white background and a 3d logo (VC Element 3d) that stands near the actor, after i added dome simple camera movement and basic color correction.

      Now im experiencing tremendous rendering time trough Adobe Premiere Pro 6-28 hours (for only 4 minutes of video), at the end the file is corrupted. After effects preview fawless, scrolling mouse at full resolution is very fast almost realtime.

      Now i am experiencing extremely long time also with queue rendering. I've noticed that AE renders only if i'm moving the mouse if i stop moving rendering goes on "pause", with gpu and cpu at 100%.


      I have an Asus G750JX 4700hq 3.4ghz (on TURBOBOST) 32gb RAM (1600mhz Corsair CL9), gtx770m (3gb DDR5 VRAM), 2 SSD one for OS another for AE Caching, External USB3 7200RPM (160mbps) for footage. AE and Premiere CC, W8.1.


      I've tried to transcode source h.264 files to Animation, but nothing changes.

      Also on premiere if i keep moving the mouse (with a simple application) it renders in 20 Minutes but the file at the end is corrupted.

      I've also tried to disalble, enable Multicore Rendering, CUDA Engime, clean cache.


      I've never had this kind of problem.

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          AlRaff Level 1

          After 48 hours of headache, i found the problem, my sistem was infected by a Trojan that uses th GPU when IDLE for mining... so no problem when working on timeline but low performance when i was away from pc... i removed the virus, killing the proces: sistemewhileidle.exe and clean the users/temp folder where the virus was stored after i searched for entries in the system reg and delete.