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    Data merge for multiple records format is wrong


      Hi All,


      I need InDesign for one purpose only and I'm happy to buy the software tot achieve this. To create a PDF catalogue with data drawn from a CSV spreadsheet. I have a 30-day trial version and I've designed the catalogue, and sucessfully merged the data, which looks perfect in multiple record preview mode.


      When i generate the actual pages though, the merged records are nowhere near the format that i expected considering the preiew resuly. Off the page, as if formatted in a radically different way. I understand that the margins used for merge are differrent to the document margins but this isn't a case of 'tweaking a couple of mm, it's a world apart.


      It's more than possible that I'm missing something here, but I have read a lot about a bug in ID regarding multiple record merging.


      Have I screwed up or is ID buggy in this respect and simply not up to the task?


      Any help would be appreciated.