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    Rendering a Project

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      Is it necessary to render a project before I burn it to a disc?

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          But, rendering the Timeline content before moving out of the Edit area is your windows of opportunity to catch a problem sooner than later.

          This type of rendering (for preview purposes) is particularly useful for titles, effects, transitions, and non native formats. An unrendered

          Timeline content that looks good before export does not guarantee what the end product will look like.


          For now I have spared you my extended version of the details of rendering the Timeline content when the Premiere Elements color line

          indicator system suggests the need for this type of rendering to get the best possible preview of what you are seeing in the Edit area



          More details to follow if needed.


          Best wishes.




          Add On...By the way, what version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running? Principle

          mentioned is for Premiere Elements (any version), but I asked for the information in case we need to go into version specific details later.