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    Thoughts on this system spec? (Z87, i7, 750 Ti, 16GB, SSDx2)

    nkoleszar Level 1

      It is nearly time for me to upgrade my dependable PC. I am hoping to use the existing case and PSU as both were reasonable spec when I originally built the PC.


      Case: Lian Li PC-A15B

      PSU: Enermax Liberty 500W


      Proposed new components:

      Mainboard: Gigabyte Z87X-UD5 TH

      CPU: Intel Haswell i7-4770K 3.5GHz

      System disk: Sandisk Extreme 2 120GB

      Media disk: Sandisk Extreme 2 240GB

      Export drive: Sandisk Extreme 2 120GB

      RAM: 16GB (haven't decided which RAM yet but planning on 2x8GB, maybe 32GB)

      Video: nVidia GTX 750 TI 2GB


      I use Premiere Pro and After Effects, both CC. I plan to start producing 1080p content shot with a Canon 550D. Final destination will mostly be DVD, though I'll likely put some up on the likes of YouTube and Vimeo. I have no immediate plans to shoot or process 4K video.


      At the moment, video is a hobby. This PC will not be earning its keep, I'll be using it only for my own non-commercial projects. If and when any of them generate useful money, I'm heading for the land of the firebreathing workstation.


      1. Have I made any boneheaded moves with this spec?

      2. I would consider the GTX 770 but reckon this would require upgrading the PSU. If nVidia launches a better Maxwell card than the 750, I might consider this, too. How likely is it that the 750 will represent a bottleneck?

      3. Am I better off going with an i5 CPU for now and saving the money for a better component (or saving up for a more powerful i7)?

      4. Would it be smarter to have a 240GB SSD system disk, 120GB SSD for export and RAID non-SSD drives for media instead of the 3xSSDs?.


      All suggestions welcome. Those borne of some real depth of technical understanding/experience will be particularly cherish.


      Thanks in advance.