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    No synchronization for inserted video


      I am facing problems in the synchronization for an inserted video (mp4, 1280x720). The video was inserted under powerpoint <Insert> <Video> <Video from a file>. (For other reasons, I can not import it under Adobe Presenter.)

      The video length is about 1:30 min. but the slide published under Adobe Presenter is only 5 s in length (in accordance to Adobe Presenter <Settings> <Presentation> <Playback>)

      I can set the video <Video Tools> <Playback> <Start:> to "Automatically" or "On Click" - it doesn't matter.


      I am using:

      Adobe Presenter 9.0.2

      Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

      Microsoft Powerpoint Professional Plus 2010 (Version 14.0.7116.5000   32 bit)


      What can I do to solve the problem?


      Best regards


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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



          - Convert it, or do what is needed, to allow you to import it via Presenter. This will allow presenter to 'see' that the video is there and adjust the slide length automatically to accommodate the video. Not sure why an MP4 wouldn't be able to be imported via Presenter.


          - Go into the Edit Audio function and navigate to that slide. Click the Insert Silence button (small green icon), and select to insert ~90 seconds (or whatever the length of the video). This will cause the slide to display for the duration of your video.


          Any setting you configure in PPT for the video will be disregarded in Presenter. Placing media in a Presenter presentation via PPT can cause it to not function at all. This is due to the media being called by a file path (often to an individual's computer that isn't a valid call on any other computer), and local file path calls are not allowed by Presenter presentations.