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    where is the audio section i premiere elements 12? How do I set my Mpeg (mp4) video to loop? : /

    aignerad@cox.net Level 1

      I just downloaded Premiere Elements 12 from E9 and boy am I disappointed. Instead of being easier to use, I can't find anything to work with. Where is the "audio section"? How do I edit ? I need the MPeg (MP4) video I created to loop. Adobe advertises this for Premiere 12 but there is no toolbar at the top, no easy navigation. Everything is dumbed down as if a 4-year-old was using it.. I've been an Adobe customer for 30 years and know my way around in most Adobe products, but whtat am I missing here? Tired of looking all over the web and docs for a simple answer to a simple question. Thank you to anyone who answers with a solution.