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    Formatting current document- x2 A4 sheets into 1 A3 sheet


      Hey guys so i completed a document for a university design project where i need to create like an a4 flip book made by an a3 sheet if that makes any sense, so its just a single a3 sheet that i will print double sided (ends up being 4 A4 pages). Now they provided the template for us to complete the work on, and i did, and as i saved it as a PDF i realised the template was actually 4 A4 sheets!!! Even though the project has to be 2 A3 sheets printed doubble sided (which ends up being a single A3 sheet when printed)


      Im using adobe indesign cs6 and i wanted to know how to format my current document into A3 sheets, so for example in the screenshot i have shown you see the bottom two pages you see for example the 2 a4 pages next to one another which looks like an A3 sheet, which has the word "corrupt" on one page and letters againgst the black background on the page next to it, how can i combine these two a4 pages to a single a3 sheet to be kept in the same format?,


      note i want to combine both sets of a4 pages so i can print it as a doubble sided booklet!

      Thanks everyone