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    Layer Styles / Strokes causing lag 64bit PS


      Hi There,


      I'm a comic artist using Photoshop CC (64 bit, Version: 14.2.1) on a Windows 8.1 machine, with a 4th Gen i7, Nvidia 750M 2GB GFX card and 16Gb RAM. 'Use Graphics Processor' is set to Advanced and Memory Usage is set to 10348Mb (71%).


      I'm running a dual screen setup with a Wacom Cintiq 21UX hooked up via HDMI to my Dell XPS 2720.


      I typically work on an A4 size document at 400dpi.


      The problem I'm having is with tremendous lag when using the transform tool to scale things up and down and when using the standard brush tool for comic art linework.


      I have a group of layers with all my speech bubbles and text in. With each white speech bubble on a seperate with a Layer Style  / Stroke of 5 pixels around each one.


      If I hide all of the speech bubbles (But not the text) then scaling using the Transform tool is nice and smooth and 100% lag free, as it should be on my spec machine.


      If I disable Graphics Processor Settings, or scale them down to Normal or Basic the problem is exactly the same.


      If I use the 32 bit version of Phtooshop CC scaling and brush storkes are lag free even with the speech bubble layers visible.


      I've updated my system bios and GFX card drivers to the latest Dell release.


      It's an annoying technical hiccup that I've found a workaround for but I would like and expect to be able to use basic tools like Transform and the Brush without lag, with all layers visible.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.