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    Adobe online store in UAE not accepting credit cards, Any solutions

    Abdalla Kroosh1



      I am trying to subscribe to Adobe Cloud in UAE, the adobe store takes me through all the purchase steps and after final confirmation step, it gives me a message that Payment Authorisation Failed.


      Now i checked with my bank and there is nothing wrong with my credit card account, they also confirmed that no transaction was received from Adobe.


      It is clear to me now that there is something wrong with Adobe online store that makes it rejects purchases from UAE.


      I tried with chat customer services many times, last thing they adviced me to do is to make the purchase through a local phone number which i tried so many times and its busy all the time, 24 hrs/day busy.


      I don't know but it seems that Adobe has so many problems with their online purchasing system and they are not resolving this quickly enough losing allot of mony.


      If any one has some experiance with this, specially from UAE, please share it with us.