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    Render symbols (or images) with display set "cache as bitmap" possible?

    lester_dm Level 1

      Hi people,


      A question;

      I have like 12 symbols on the stage. They al have images in them in JPG format, saved at a quite low percentage in quality.

      The symbols are being animated seperately but it looks very sluggish.


      I am recreating a whole Flash site in Edge. Everything works (amazing) fine except I am missing the function like it exists in Flash:

      “Display/ Render/ cache as bitmap”. (see image)
      This function used to help me BIGTIME in Flash too.




      Now how can I do something similar in Edge?

      I do not want to animate all symbols as 1, it is essential they are animated separately.
      Is this possible in Adobe Edge Animate? Is there something similar in Javascript/ Jquery?


      Thnx in advance!