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    Is it possible to create a site like voto.se and ed.ted.com combined?

    Adam Casserly

      I am a non-developer working on an idea that I would like to make real. I would like to offer users functionality from both voto.se (cookie/token based surveys) and ed.ted.com (videos with follow up questions associated).

      The user should be able to choose content (mainly video) that has pre-associated questions and the possibility to add own unique questions. This would then be saved as say a page like http://www.mysite.com/userscreatedcontent and should be shareable to others with either tokens or a direct link. The answers generated should be connected to this url and preferably possible to export as some type of document (spreadsheet or pdf). All this should be possible for the original user to do and follow with the help of cookies and not needing a login. User generated URL:s should automatically be deleted after a certain period.

      I would also like users who create pages to have a paid option where everything above is possible but is saved with the user account and not deleted. These single user accounts should be connectable into groups where the single user can choose which of his or her content is shared with the whole group. Maybe even subgroups within a main group.

      Is this possible to create with Adobe tools? Say Muse och Bc? Would it be possible for someone without developer skills to accomplish? What steps might I need to take to learn the necessary skills to accomplis this? I don't mind learning!

      Thankful for any comments or tips!