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    transfer eBooks from Tolino to my PC


      My wife had an Oyo wich AdobeID is 12802651L@neinoyo.com and she did buy eBooks by Thalia

      I got a Bookeen with AdobeID radicewga@sunrise.ch and buy eBooks by Payot

      Then I transfer these eBooks from Oyo and Bookeen to the Adobe Digital Edition 2.0 on my PC

      and all was OK

      then my wife did buy a TolinoShine

      so I transfered the old eBooks from Oyo Librarion to Tolino

      all was OK, I mean on PC and on Tolino

      my wife did buy new eBooks at Thalia and on Tolino it was OK

      but now we got the problem that we can't see the new eBook into Adobe Digital Edition...

      I try to install Adobe Digital Edition 3.0 but any way the problem still remains...

      I think it is a problem this the authorization...

      so could we have the same authorization for Adobe Digital Edition 3.0 on my PC and may be

      delete the old on of Oyo ?

      Thank you for your answer.