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    Two Mice Appearing in Recording - Please Help!


      I use Captivate 6 on a MAC OSX 10.9.2


      I record manually with the "Automatic" setting and I'm capturing TWO mice, rather thna one mouse movement.  One mouse is moveable (as expected), however the other is static and I am spending A LOT of development time to cover up with screencaps and overlays.  This is driving me crazy!


      I have played with the following settings and seen no resolution:


      • Preferences > Recording > Modes - I deselect/select "show mouse location and movement"
      • Preferences > Recording > Video Demo - I deselect/select "show mouse in video demo mode"
      • Clearning cache
      • Uninstalling/Reinstalling Captivate


      Has anyone else seen this?  Is this a known issue?  I have searched and not found anything on the topic.  Please help!