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    Component missing from Flash Builder Profiler / Live Objects tab if creationPolicy set to all?

    RandomReado Level 1

      I am trying to profile an AIR application (built using Flex SDK 4.6) in Flash Builder 4.6.


      My application uses ViewStack and creationPolicy="all" so there are no delays to the user experience when they're switching between views.


      When I run the profiler and a component loads on-screen with a ViewStack with creationPolicy set to "all", the same component is missing from the Live Objects tab and the overall memory usage in the profiler is not increasing. However if I remove the creationPolicy setting altogether and re-run the profiler, I see the component in the Live Objects tab and the memory usage increases.


      Why would the creationPolicy parameter cause different results in the profiler?


      If the answer is not to use creationPolicy, what alternatives do I have to create a fast and fluent user experience like the one that creationPolicy="all" gives me?