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      REF: Win7-64 /PS CS6 /Google-NIK Collection.


      After working properly for "a time", I select the Brush option in a NIK plugin, & when the image "re-opens" in PS, the plugin has selected the PS Brush tool, & I can paint on the effect that I'd created, but the Selective Tool Interface fails to open, & there's no way to Apply or Discard the effect.

      At that point PS is "hung", waiting for a Command to either Apply, or Discard the Brush effect, but it can't be done without the Selective tool Interface; and the only way out, is CTRL/ALT/DEL to close Photoshop-- & lose your work!  (Results in a PS appscrash result).

      The Selective Tool Folder contained the SelectivePalette.8Li file, along with a SelToolInst.cfg (Instructional Script for the tool??), and a HDREfexPro2.jsx file.

      NIK told me that the HDREfexPro2.jsx file did not belong there, & to delete it, and sent me a SelToolInst.cfg file to replace the existing one; and that fixed the problem for a short time!

      Now it works for awhile, then fails.---Wont open either with Brush Command, or from Automate.

      I check the folder, & "something" has placed/re-placed the previously deleted  HDREfexPro2.jsx back in???

      As before, I delete the HDREfexPro2.jsx file, delete & replace the SelToolInst.cfg file with a copy of the very same file that was deleted, and "everything" works properly until after a short while it fails again, & I repeat the same routine again & again!

      Since replacing the .cfg file, with a copy of "itself" fixes the problem for a short time; something must be corrupting the file; and what keeps putting the deleted HDREfexPro2 file back (That NIK claims doesn't belong there), is beyond me, & apparently beyond NIK's Customer Service , as well!