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    How to Bevel


      I have recently upgraded my Mac and software and now am attempting to continue artwork in old Photoshop files but have encountered a problem. Part of what I do is create a pattern of solid colour shapes and then use Bevel and shadow to make them appear three-dimensional. This used to be simple with older versions of Photoshop, where I could find bevels and other effects under Filters. Now it appears I have to create layers and do it there, but try as I might I cannot affect the area I have selected with Magic Wand, but insteat change the entire document. I am sure there is a simple solution and look forward to having my eyes open about what it is.

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The bevel and other layer styles do not work with selections.  They only work on the boundries of the layers.  So if you want to add a bevel effect to an area, you can create a new layer, make your selection and fill that selection with any color.  Then reduce the fill opacity to 0.  This will hide the fill you just did, but allow you to use the layer style to create bevels and whatever you like all by themselves.



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            voyal Level 1

            Thank you csuebele, you must admit, that is a lot more awkward than when artwork could just be touched by the wand in one layer and have a filter applied to it! Too bad new versions sometimes feel the need to make things more difficult when they were just fine before. This will make my job a lot more time-consuming than it used to be but at least I can resume my work. Thanks again.