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    How can a user save more than one online form without losing their previous form?


      We use Adobe FormsCentral for parent, student and faculty response at my school. The number one task we use them for is Progress Reports. Faculty members fill these out for EVERY student that they teach at our school. Many faculty members like to start the forms and return at a later time to finish them. So this year we were excited to offer the option of saving, however many faculty members have reached out with concern that they save one, receive the link, start a second form, click save receive the link and the first form is gone. I was under the impression that every SAVED form is a case-specific link.


      Is there a way to make saving multiple forms possible? I know that it would be best to just tell faculty to do their form and submit it however that is not the answer they are willing to accept.


      Additionally, because of the PDF not working the same on all machines due to people not necessarily updating their adobe software, that is not an ideal option.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          What you've described should work fine, assuming the user uses the original forms URL each time they start a new process.


          You send the form URL to the users:

          1) Faculty gets the form URL and starts filling it out

          2) Faculty clicks "Save", enters email and is sent a unique link to that saved form data

          3) Faculty starts the form over, using the original URL (not the link in the Saved data email)

          4) Faculty saves this second version of the form, entering the same email address in the save dialog


          They now have 2 unique emails that contain unique saved data URLs, either one can be opened and the data for that form will be retrieved, they have the option to continue and if still not complete save again, or to submit the form.  The other email/link will retreive the other data set and they have the same options there.  Once they have submitted the data from both of those saved forms there would be two submissions in FormsCentral.


          What error are they getting that says the first form is gone?  And are they definitally starting from the original URL both times and not from a saved URL?