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    Animating text to travel along a path

    Am_I_Lame? Level 1

      AE CS5 (Win7) newbie here.  I've created an image of a face in Illustrator.  The mouth is open and I've placed a long line of text along a curvy path flowing out of the mouth.  I'd like to create an animation in which the text flows out of the mouth along the path.  Is there a way to do this in AE?  In Illustrator I can bring the start and end handles of the text object together, hiding the text, and then advance the start handle a little, revealing some text, and save the image as a frame.  Then repeat.  I only need 40 or 50 frames, so it's not the end of the world if I have to do it this way, but it seems like it might be easier in AE.  Thanks for you help.