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    New Mac


      I use creative cloud with two devices (PC and mac). Now one is broken. I have bought a new mac. Now i want to use the two macs instead of the PC. Do i have to do anything? Only download the craetive suite on the new mac?


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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          Hi jnsiggi,


          Welcome to Adobe Forum,


          The CC has been activated twice.


          You need to deactivate it from PC,


          When you install it on the third computer or for the third time & when you to activate it, if it installed & activated already twice, there will be an option of deactivating it from the previous computers, please click on that.(To deactivate from preinstalled machine, Open any Adobe CC application > Help Menu > Signout.)


          Next it will allow you to activate on your new machine,


          Now you can go back to your first computer, log out & log back in of Desktopp CC App, launch any product, if there is any product to buy, in that prompt there will be an option to " license the software", please click on that & sign in.


          It will reactivate the CC on the first machine.


          You have already deactivated it from one machine, hence you can activate it on third computer.


          http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-deactivation-products.html#de activate-problem


          In case the is still not resolved, please contact Adobe at






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            Garima.J JapanEmployeeModerator

            Hi jnsiggi,


            You can use the subscription  on any two machines , if you want to use the membership on third machine , you can deactivate from one machine and use it on next machine.


            How to deactivate the product -

            1) Click on the product.

            2)  Launch the product , you will get the option ' Help' .

            3) Click on 'Help' you may get either  'deactivate or Log out '.

            4) Click on 'deactivate or Log out'.


            Let us know if that helps!




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              jnsiggi Level 1

              thanks. Worked perfect.