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    Report: Bug with the Radio Buttons and Form Saving

    Icone Design

      This is a bit hard to explain since my form isn't on English,



      Some users answering my form reported to me a bug with some fields that use the Radio Button to work.


      Basically you have a Question with "Yes" and "No" for anwers. Answering "No" happens nothings, if you answer "Yes" a new options shows up, let me call it "Option 1".


      The bug happens if someone choose "Yes", answer "Option 1" and save the form. After loading the form again, Question will still show "Yes" but "Option 1" won't be visible anymore unless you select "No" and "Yes" again.



      This is not really worriesome, since the answer on "Option 1" isn't lost even if I do the steps above, but it's annoying nonethless.  I was forced to leave all invisible questions visible at the end.