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    Casting Cf struct in Hashtable Java

    ik1hsr Level 1
      i need to convert a Coldfusion Struct in a Java Hashtable (as th CFMX manual tell);
      I have this java class:

      public class Pratica {
      private java.util.Hashtable my;
      public Pratica(){
      public Pratica(java.util.Hashtable dbprop){
      public void set(java.util.Hashtable dbprop){


      and in the CF page i have this code:

      <cfset ma = createObject("java","java.util.Hashtable")>
      <cfset ma.init(glb)> // glb is a struct

      <cfobject action="CREATE" type="JAVA" class="Pratica" name="pra">
      <cfset pra.init(ma)>

      but when i run...:
      "Unable to find a constructor for class Pratica that accepts parameters of type ( java.util.Hashtable )."

      I'm waiting your suggestions!!!
      thanks to all

      ps:sorry for my english.