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    question on an xml gallery

    the_queen_is_dead Level 1
      I've got an xml gallery that i've built in flash... everything works just fine- but i'm now trying to build an alternate gallery and I'm in a bit over my head.

      Here are the nodes I have in my xml:

      from there: the thumnails layout- the image, and copy display on rollOver of the thumbs...

      for my alternate gallery- I want the same layout- however for example a 'web' category, i only want the 'web' thumbnails to work- and still have the rest of the gallery load an alternate thumbnail- that is a grayscale version of the original- and i want it to do absolutely nothing but sit there. I have created alternate gray versions of the images and they load fine...

      obviously leaving out the nodes i don't want stops the xml from loading... and leaving them blank returns an 'undefined' in my dynamic text boxes.

      i haven't had to tackle something like this in the past and i'm not sure where to start-

      would it work to have a category node and then an if/else statement leaving specified categories rollOver states .enabled = false; ?

      if anyone has any ideas - i'm just not sure where to go from here.

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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          any type of filtering through XML CAN be done through flash, or parsed in the asp/php file that is generated, but modifying the SQL statement that creates your initial data is the real way to handle your issue.

          If you do end up parsing all the XML in flash alone, you'll do a lot more work, but you'll probably have to split up your XML into seperate objects via catagory. (or write if statements to ignore empty nodes).