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      I'm trying to strip PHP off my box, but one thing holding me back is that I need to run a mail server, and xmail works fine on my development machine. I'm using it from a bundle which includes PHP ( http://apache2triad.net/) through, for now, Outlook 2003.

      A Flex 2 application I'm making and want to be able to give to people will be MUCH easier to implement if they only need Apache/ColdFusion rather than Apache/ColdFusion/PHP...hard to find a host for such, I'd suspect.

      Does anyone know if I can run XMailServer without PHP, i.e., just under Apache 2.2/CF7.0.2/Win XP Pro?

      For that matter, is XMailServer the way to go? I don't want to pay for a mail server, and in fact I bought Win2003 SBS which I'll eventually use, including MS Exchange...but I want to build this according to what people will be able to use, not what's easiest for me.

      Thanks, and sorry for the newbie-ness of my question.