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      How do you get more fonts for InDesign? What are some good websites for fonts?

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          Javed_ali Adobe Employee

          If you are using the latest version of InDesign i.e. 9.2 using the CC App, you have access to some really nice fonts on Typekit.

          You have access to these fonts for nothing additional other than the fact that you should be a paid member of the Creative Cloud.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Stay away from the "free" font sites (I'm not referring to Typekit here, which is free for subscribers, but not a free font site) where people "share" fonts. Many of these fonts will either not be licensed for commercial use, will be pirated commercial fonts, or will just be badly made and cause problems when you try to use them in ID.


            I find a lot of my fonts on Fonts.com, MyFonts.com, and at Linotype.com. Adobe also sells fonts that are not part of TypeKit, including fonts from other foundries.