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    Javascript needed - need checkbox to check automatically based on selected item from dropdown list

    JThompson575 Level 1

      I am building a fillable form.  In this form, I have created items in a dropdown list.  Based on the item picked from the dropdown list, I need a corresponding checkbox to be checked.  I am certain there is an easy javascript to resolve my current problem.  Please assist.


      For example: dropdown list field (SubSupplier1) -   Demolition                            export value 2

                                                                                      Rough Carpentry Labor       export value 4

                                                                                      Rough Carpentry Material    export value 3


      I need the corresponding checkbox (SalesTax1) to automatically be checked when Demolition (export value 2) or Rough Carpentry Material (export value 3) is selected.


      Thank you,