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    Color Management Issues




      I am having a brutal time trying to figure out how to get my colors looking right on the web. Using CC, I import my RAW files into lightroom do basic corrections there, move to photoshop for more localized stuff and to resize for web. I've recently bought a wide gamut monitor (ASUS PA249q) and calibration software/hardware (colormunki), went through the process suggested for profiling the monitor. Basically, since I have moved from a lousy consumer grade cheapy monitor to the ASUS, nothing has been right. From reading others' experiences, I understand this is far from rare. I'm sure nothing's wrong with my monitor - I know it's my lack of understanding.


      I don't have a lot of work printed but do also want to learn to ensure proper colors when going to the printer. My main concern, however, is how to get things looking right on the web. I've finally gone to just setting everything to sRGB - LR, PS and Monitor profile. I've just done this and have tried a couple of pictures. They seem to look OK.


      My understanding of this stuff is really basic, obviously, and I'd love a suggestion for a resource that will tell me what to set each application and device to for a given output. Also, where in the chain should I change color spaces for print vs. web? Do I switch to sRGB back in Lightroom when I know I'm going to web and follow it through? Or, can I process in ProPhoto RGB in Lightroom and in Photoshop, save that result for a printable file and then switch to sRGB and spawn off a web ready file? If I do this, do I then also switch my monitor over to sRGB? This is what I assume (perhaps incorrectly) most do who know what's going on with this stuff. For me, it hasn't worked out at all though. Skin tones look like something out of a bad zombie flick.


      What are some resources that might help here? So far everything I've found has been really general or too specific about some particular set up.Thanks very much.



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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Manufacturers should really stop selling wide gamut monitors until they make sure the customer understands the implications.


          A wide gamut monitor must be used in a fully color managed environment. No exception. It must be fully calibrated and profiled. No exception. You need the full color management chain - a document profile converted/remapped to your monitor profile.


          You can get around it by limiting the unit to sRGB, but then what's the point? And you don't have to. For web, use Firefox with color management set to mode 1. This is the only usable browser configuration with a wide gamut monitor. Most browsers have color management for images with an embedded profile, but a lot of material on the web hasn't. What Firefox mode 1 does is to assign sRGB to all untagged material, thus allowing the color management chain to operate.


          Type "about:config" without the quotes in the address bar, hit go/reload and scroll down to gfx.color_management.mode. Change it from 2 to 1, and relaunch Firefox.