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    Feedback: Adobe CC Startup Before Network Ready

    Jason Meaden

      G'day from Australia,


      This is posted in the manner of feedback - so that if someone in command of such matters might decide to add this to the feature list in the future, but if someone has a solution or workaround - then I am more than happy to hear it, but it is hardly a show-stopper.


      Our corporate wireless network has an authentication process that is handled quite well, and automatically, by Mac OS X but it does take several seconds after startup before the network is seen as being 'up'.  The symptom of which is that my desktop comes up, and I can start applications but the first (maybe) 20-30 seconds is without network connectivity.  For normal use, this is not a problem - by the time I start my email, grab my coffee, chat to co-workers, all is good.


      As well, most of the automatic services and applications that start up on boot are happy to sit and ponder the universe whilst waiting for the network - then promptly establish a connection when the network is available.  However, the Adobe CC application / updater appears to attempt to log on, find no network, then decide that all is lost and give up until next reboot (whereupon it will have the exact same problem).


      It would be useful if the updater could retry, even some limited number of times, before giving up for good.



      Thanks and regards,



      Jason Meaden


      PS: If you do have a solution / workaround, your patience in explaining it to me would be appreciated.  Happy to dive into the innards, but walk me through the steps.