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    Why do CTRL-Z undo all changes in one click?

    Vincent-Sweden Level 1

      I seem to have a problem with the CTRL-Z. When pressing the CTRL-Z, it reverts all changes to the last saved point of the document. If I do, let's say I save the document or open it and make 100 changes. I press CTRL-Z to undo one change... the damn indesign undos ALL 100 changes. It's been like this for a few days. And it just gotten worse to this point. The only thing I have done is to add a few scripts. The problem didn't occur few days after I added and used the scripts. but they shouldn't impact on the software function.


      I could reinstall the software, but then I have to ask the IT-support and they usually pick their time when I am in most need of indesign. I take my chances in here first and se if ayone knows anything about this.