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    Ultimate Rig for Photo & Video


      Hi all,


      First off lets say I am not fluent in computer technology - photography is my thing so I might require a a few laymans explanations vs specialised tech speak and so excuse me if I state the obvious or ask dumb questions.


      Need a new rig for photo (60%), video (30%) and maybe a little gaming (10%) - haven't got in to PC gaming in a number of years (since Doom) but might take a squizz at what's available these days. Don't mind spending a bit more to hedge my bets each way but primary purpose is photography.


      I'm upgrading monitor and I am currently thinking NEC PA272w so want my rig to support the monitor and allow 10-bit color workflow as referred to in http://www.ronmartblog.com/2011/07/guest-blog-understanding-10-bit-color.html . Need to ensure graphics card supports this.


      I use Photoshop, Lightroom and also do bracketed panoramas with PTGui software blending sometimes up to 24 shots * 24 MP from Nikon d600 which has been crashing my current system (i7-3610QM / 16 GB RAM / Intel HD 4000).


      I am trying to build an awesome system which will last me several years and I am fine with this budget BUT if its stupid overkill for no noticable gains I'd be happy to trim some costs.


      Questions are -


      1) Motherboard? Is this a good board? Overkill?

      2) Graphics card - I've looked at the nVidia Quadro 2000 is obviously a great card for Photoshop BUT crap for gaming so I've dropped this one in which has good reviews. Will it support 10-bit for the NEC Monitor? Any other recommendations?

      3) Any other comments welcome


      Cheers, love to have the advice of the specialists.


      Thanks in advance.


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          cc_merchant Level 4


          Why this cooler? See Tweakers Page - What kind of PC to use? and note the remark about coolers:


          Corsair Hydro coolers do not give better cooling performance than air coolers from Cooler Master or Noctua, nor do they run quieter. They are only more expensive. Don't forget that air coolers in push-pull configuration have two fans, that are replaced by two fans on the radiator when using a Corsair Hydro. Unfortunately, the Corsair fans are pretty noisy, thereby defeating the intention of water cooling to make things more silent. Effectively, one replaces two fans with an average noise level of 25 dB with two radiator fans with 35 dB. If the cooling performance was better, that extra noise might be overlooked, but that is not the case. Up to around 4.8 GHz overclock, the performance difference between air coolers and Corsair Hydro is negligent. So, if you opt for Corsair Hydro coolers, you don't get better cooling, you do get more noise and you spend a lot more.


          Is that memory 1.5 V ? 1.60+ V is not advisable. Kingston HyperX Beast is usually 1.60 V and that is ill-advised. This can be an alternative: G.Skill RipJawsZ F3


          Generally nVidia is far more popular than AMD video cards, because of the hardware MPE support, that is proven technology. However, if you need 10 bit output, you are effectively limited to Quadro K4000 or better K5000, and these carry a hefty price premium.

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            sarrold Level 1

            thanks cc_merchant, taken some of your advice on board and made amendments.


            have also done some research apparently the lower spec Quadro cards also support 10-bit but I've decided through my reading that perhaps its not so critical after all - but all the same, thanks for advice.


            new spec is - http://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/Sarrold/saved/46on


            welcome any new comments / advice from anyone.



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              cc_merchant Level 4

              Made two minor changes:



              Why a Wifi card. Don't you have wifi on your router?

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