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    Lost, Arabic-Hebrew Right to Left editing capabilities


      After updating (semi-automatically) Acrobat Reader on my computer, I've lost all my Right to Left text editing capabilities in my 3 versions of InDesign (CS5 ME [Middle Eastern version], CS6 and CC. The reverse layout menu doesn't exist anymore nor does the Character direction option to change direction from Right to Left (and vice-versae) to Left to Right. Furthermore, the Workspace menu for Character opens with the Align titel but is clearly Character. All of the titels in the Workspace window are wrong (Color is Paragraph, Paragraph is Character, Character is Align, Stroke is Paragraph Style...) Anyone has a clue what is going on here. I have already restarted my computer several times and de-installed all 3 versions of InDesign (including preferences) and re-installed them. Same as before...

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