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    Cannot Get cfprint to print on custom media programmed in the print driver.


      I setup a printer on the server and added custom paper sizes to the print preferences.  (i.e. 5.50 x 7.00)  I can print on these manually with no issues.  When I call the cfprint tag and reference paper="55by7" which is the name of the custom paper size, I get: 


      Invalid media or paper for the cfprint tag.

      Error: Media 55by7 is not valid on ITPrinter. Available media are na-letter,na-legal,Oficio,folio,iso-a4,iso-b5,jis-b5,executive,iso-a5,iso-a6,monarch-enve lope,na-number-10-envelope,iso-designated-long,iso-c5,iso-c6,Postcard 4x6,tabloid,iso-a3,jis-b4,Automatic-Feeder,Manual-Envelope,top,bottom.



      I verifiied the account that the coldfusion service is running as has full permissions to the printer.  If I change the paper to one on the list above it prints fine.  Suggestions?