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    How can I Pay my CC mthly Membership but Cannot

    James McKee Ford Level 1

      I joined Creative Cloud in January 2013 and paid my Monthly plan online via Credit Card. -Worked ok.

      In  Feb, Digital River automatically took my Feb. payment - ok

      In March, When I logged into CC, I began getting a notice that my membership would expire in xx days. and I should change my payment method.  I checked my card balance, it was ok, but I put a different card #, thinking that this would trigger a payment.  NO CHANGE.  I began contacting the CHAT lines.  I talked with 5 different people, but none actually had access to my account to see what the problem was.  I changed the card info again and received an email notice that Adobe had received a request for help and had closed the request because they thought the problem was resolved.  Four days later, My account is closed....  I still do not know what is the problem with my account? - Except that I no longer have one. Can anyone help that actually can check my account and find the problem???   Is this problem withthe DISTRIBUTOR or is it with ADOBE?  I used both cards yesterday and they are fine???